Having worked in the legal industry for years, Sonja and her associates have the best grasp, of all the agencies doing this type of work, for the type and caliber of candidates to present for job placements. Her experience and reputation in the legal community enable her to draw from a broad pool of talent. Sonja has repeatedly demonstrated that her client’s best interests come first and foremost. That is true for the candidates she represents and the firms she assists with placements. She portrays the highest degree of professionalism in her dealings with others. The best endorsement I can make is I will continue to use Sonja’s company for my staffing needs.

Major Client

Sonja is amazing. She has excellent customer service skills, produces very high quality work, and is always positive. I truly enjoyed working with Sonja.


“…I don’t know what I would do without Sonja Cotton & Associates, don’t ever stop working!”

Major Client