Dress Professionally and Land the Job!

Guideline for Women’s Attire

  1. Select a skirted suit, pantsuit or conservatively tailored dress.
  2. Select blouses or sweaters that coordinate well with your suit.
  3. Wear 1½” to 2” dress shoes or pumps in colors that avoid making your feet a focal point.
  4. Always wear hose to interviews. Carry an extra pair in case of runs.
  5. Perfume should be used in moderation – never too strong or overpowering. A fragrance may cause an allergic reaction or offend the interviewer. When in doubt, go without.
  6. Use natural-looking makeup and clear nail polish. This keeps the focus on the interview.
  7. Do not carry a purse with a briefcase. Choose one or the other.
  8. Add accessories to express your personality and accentuate your best features.