Dress Professionally and Land the Job!

Guideline for Men’s Attire

  1. The most acceptable colors for men’s suits are black, dark blue, gray, and brown. Suits, including tie and dress shirt, should be properly tailored and dry cleaned.
  2. Always wear a white, cream, or blue shirt. Make sure the shirt is pressed.
  3. A silk tie makes the most powerful professional impression. Your tie should complement your suit and be conservative.
  4. Wear leather shoes in black or brown. Shoes should be shined and match your belt.
  5. Socks should be in a dark color and complement the suit. Don’t wear athletic socks.
  6. Accessories should be kept to a minimum; e.g., no more than one ring on each hand; a dress watch is appropriate.
  7. Cologne should be used in moderation – never too strong or overpowering. A fragrance may cause an allergic reaction or offend the interviewer. When in doubt, go without.