Sonja Cotton & Associates Payroll Information

Payroll Instructions

SCA Staffing, Inc. Payroll Information

  • Please be sure to include on your timesheet ONLY actual hours worked on your assignment. Your lunch hour should not be included as hours worked.
  • Your timesheet needs to be signed by both you and your supervisor and submitted either via facsimile to (602) 230-7733 found at the top of the timesheet or scanned and emailed to no later than 12:00 p.m. (noon) on Tuesday the following week. To insure proper processing of your timesheet, we suggest that you fax or email your timesheet prior to leaving your assignment on Friday. If we have not received your timesheet by Tuesday, 10 a.m., our office will be contacting you as a courtesy reminder to turn in your timesheet. This is our final extension to no later than 12 p.m. Tuesday (noon). Timesheets are handled by our payroll department.
  • If you have any problems getting your timesheet signed, please contact our office immediately and we will try and resolve the problem.
  • Absolutely no timesheets will be processed without signatures.
  • If your timesheet is not received by the cutoff time, your paycheck will not be processed until the following week. Please retain a copy of your timesheet until you have received your paystub confirming receipt.
  • Because we care about our candidates working on temporary and temporary to hire positions, we offer the following incentives for completing certain milestones through SCA Staffing, LLC assignments.
  • Are you a contract employee needing health insurance? We also offer a helpful resource for you to obtain an independent health insurance plan on your own or, if you currently have an existing insurance plan in place, i.e., COBRA, etc., and have questions, just click on the INSURANCE link and you will be provided the name and number of a licensed insurance broker to assist you with all your needs.